musical credit

1. All The Brothers And Sister Are One
2. Col' War
3. Living In Shacks
4. Subway Blues
5. Thrill Seeker
6. Break Free
7. Talking Jazz.
8. Bird Lan'
9. Storitela
10. Big City
11. Let Me Belong To Me
[Before I Belong To You]
12. Waiting Inside


All Songs are Written, Composed, Arranged and Produced by
Lasana Bandelé Except
"Big City" written by Lasana Bandelé and Michael Dyke
"Living In Shacks" and "Bird Lan'" arranged by
Lasana Bandelé and Leebert "Gibby" Morrison
"Col' War" Arranged by Lasana Bandelé,
Tyrone Downie and Leebert "Gibby" Morrison
Produced by Lasana Bandelé and Sly Dunbar
"All The Brothers And Sisters Are One" Executive Producers
Lasana Bandelé and Anthony "Tony" Sinclair

Storitela features

Lead Vocals, Rhythm, Lead Guitars & background vocals.

Leebert "Gibby" Morrison
Rhythm, Lead and Bass Guitars
Drums, Congas and Percussion Programming

Michael Dyke
Bass, Harmonica, Alto Sax, Korg Synthisizer
Drums, Congas and Percussion Programming
Background Vocals

Glen Brownie
Fretless Bass

Robi Lyn
Emulator, DX7 Synthisizer (R/Piano, Flute, Strings)

Tyrone Downie
Korg & DX7 Synthisizer (R/Piano, Strings, Flute)

Franklin "Bubbler" Waul

Tony Williams
Drums (Acoustic)

Earl "Chinna" Smith
Lead Guitar

Clevie Brownie
Acoustic Snare, Rasta Bass Drum and Tamborine

Carl Aton
Repeater "Peta" Sampling and Drum Programming

Ronald Brackenridge

Background Vocals

Judi Emanuel
Background Vocals

Children from Stella Maris Prep School
Background Vocals (featured on "Big City")

Phillip Zadie - Recording Engineer
Steven Stewart - Recording Engineer
David Rowe - Recording Engineer on "Col' War"
Karl Toppin - Recording Engineer (On All The Brothers And Sisters Are One)
Paul Hussey - Recording Engineer (On All The Brothers And Sisters Are One)
Matt Kelly - Mixing Engineer (On All The Brothers And Sisters Are One)
Steven Stanley - Mixing Engineer
Mike Westbrook - Assistant Engineer

Recorded in Jamaica at: Peter Couch Studio
& Mixing Lab
Mixed in Jamaica at: Anchor Recording Studio
Except "All The Brothers And Sisters Are One"
Mixed in San Francisco at Hyde Street Studio

Produced by Lasana Bandelé for Storitela Music
Executive Producer: Lasana Bandelé

"STORITELA" [The 1st release on vinyl]
Album Cover Photo By Andrea Smith.
Concept & Design by Lasana Bandelé & Kevin Reittie.
Graphic By Kevin Reittie

Note: The re-mastered CD

Concept & Design by Lasana Bandelé.
Graphics By Lasana Bandelé
Album Cover Photo By Lee Abel.
Front cover Artwork by Nael Farncroft.

A Storitela Music Production.


The Recording Of Storitela
Lasana's Debut Concert
The Making Of "Living In Shacks" Video


Photographers: [whose works are on this site ]

Andrea Smith
Steven B. Cohn
Lee Abel : website
Kevin Reittie
Walter Lewis
Sandy Evans
Lasana Bandelé
Mary Angela Fatta

Pre-Release Release - single from UpComing Album by Lasana Bandele