Catadupa Train Station :: Catadupa, St. James, Jamaica West Indies.

From Montego Bay To Kingston

The trains and the rails as a means of public transportation was abandon in the early 90's in one of Jamaica's economic/political crisis.

The buzz of revitalization is in the air...
Let's keep Fingers crossed.
We're living in times of travels.


Kaya Feeding a Humming Bird

Kaya Feeding A Hummingbird
Jamaica's National Bird

Kaya and Cousins Laughing

Cousins' Laughter

Kaya in Sun Glasses on the Beach

Kaya Enjoying The Beautiful
Beaches In Jamaica.
"Thru' Shaped Lens We Look
To The Future."

Vera Francis, Kaya Bandele and Millicent Hyatt

Aunt Vera, Kaya + Mamma Millicent
"Caring Family, At The Center
Of Our Warmth."

Grandma: Amanda Evans

Grandma: Amanda Evans

Lasana Bandele and Daughter Kaya

Lasana And Daughter Kaya


Kaya At School

Lasana's Bedroom Window

My Childhood
Bedroom Window.

From This Window
I looked Out In The Nights
At The Moon And The Stars,
And Dreams Kissed Me Over
And Over Again.

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Catadupa is 22 miles South/East of Montego Bay in the hilly interior of the Island of Jamaica, at the edge of the Cockpit Country. It's a place of rivers, hills, lush greenery,a strong variety of fruits, livestock, ground provision and sugar cane. Folk medicine is primary in these paths. Chaney Root, Blood Wiss, Mauby Bark, Sarsaparilla, Strong Back, Cerassie, Sage, Ginger, Peppermint, Cola-nut (bizzy) are just few of the herbs used by themselves, or in combination, to cure all kinds of ailments from aches to colds to nerves to blood pressure to blood purification to wounds and tonic and so on. The Trains were a highlight of the area and a major means of transportation, northward thru' to Montego Bay in one direction and eastward thru' to Kingston in the other. The special excursions each week took tourists from Montego Bay to Appleton and back. Catadupa was a unique stop. Women would choose fabric and were measured for dresses and men for shirts on their way up by the many skillful dressmakers. The finished clothing was collected on their return. All in a matter of hours. Here they would also buy fresh, ripe, juicy fruits and local crafts.


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Pines Pot A Cook Callallo Mango
Jackfruit Nesberry Breadfruit Sorrel
Evol Wheels Poinciana Domino
Idrens Idrens Lasana + Teach Miss Doris


Folk Medicine

I grew up with every thing natural. We got our food and medicine from the land, fresh every day. River bathing and drinking-water from the springs, popping up from under a rock or out of the ground, cool and almost sweet to the taste, was like life itself.

Our lifestyle was self-reliant, it seemed
like everyone had a function, a skill: Tailors, Dressmakers, Shoemakers, Farmers, Grocers, Barbers, Builders, Bush doctors, Teachers. Tinsmiths would pass thru' at times to repair our pots and pans.


Jamaican Ancestry

What's all this got to do with Africa? Our ways, customs and self-reliance are definite retention of our African Ancestry. Where is the world in this dance? Nostalgic on one hand, and forgetful and two-left-footed on the other. Catadupa is a slice of living that is at the core of human existence, health, consciousness and survival. The benefits of the glorious achievements the world has made in science and technology continue to elude humanity and robs us of our means to live.


Sister Vee, Brother Steve And Niece


From Different Worlds

It is always delightful when I meet people who experienced Catadupa and hear them speak of her with such excitement and love. From different worlds they keep coming, taking the sweet fragrance on their minds and flavors in their pallets and singing her praise. Catadupa is truly a special place whose story seems untellable but is immediate to the taste when experienced.

- Lasana Bandelé

Photos by Lee Abel : website

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